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JASIRI is supported by the Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy. Allan Gray founded an investment management firm of the same name in 1973. Allan Gray’s client-centric, long-term investment approach has seen the company grow into one of the largest of its kind on the continent. Recently , the Gray family endowed their controlling interest in the firm to the Allan & Gill Gray Foundation in order to make a positive contribution to the common good. The Philanthropy is convinced that the biggest challenge facing the continent is youth unemployment, and that focused support of entrepreneurship will have the greatest leverage for ensuring meaningful employment. The Philanthropy therefore intends to pursue a long-term strategy of developing exceptional and responsible entrepreneurs.


An empowered, prosperous, productively engaged African citizenry thriving in ethical societies with dignity and hope.


We attack poverty by investing in, nurturing and empowering responsible entrepreneurs and leaders who benefit society by helping to accelerate meaningful employment creation while embodying the values and behaviours of ethical leadership.

Our Regional Hub


Rwanda is the regional hub of JASIRI and candidates will initially be selected from Rwanda and Kenya.


JASIRI’s work is situated within the context of country, economy and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Gray Philanthropy Ecosystem

“Businesses can and should be a force for the common good by offering their customers and clients great value for money, acting ethically, creating good employment opportunities, raising efficiency through innovation and thereby earning a profit while contributing to the welfare of others." - Mr Allan Gray

Gray Philanthrophy Ecosystem

JASIRI is supported by the Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy (Gray Philanthropy) and follows the long held belief in entrepreneurship for the common good. The Philanthropy takes a long-term approach to developing exceptional, responsible entrepreneurship on the African continent.

There are numerous initiatives across the ecosystem, some of which include:

Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy

Allan Gray Orbis Foundation

Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Endowment

Allan Gray Makers

Corona Action Rwanda

E-Squared Trust

Wavumbuzi Entrepreneurship Challenge


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